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World Cup’s over, all eyes turn to Man City’s transfer splurge

What have these guys got to do with it? Read on…


Ever since Noel Gallagher hinted at the contents of Garry Cook’s lunchtime napkin, the nattering voices have gone into overdrive about who may or may not be joining the robed men at Man City.

For those who don’t keep up with important rock star news, here’s the short version: the poor man’s Liam had lunch with the notorious splutterbox Garry Cook, Noel wanted to know who Man City have their eye on, Cook wrote some names on a napkin.

This, quite rightly, completely blew Noel Gallagher’s mind – as any crumpled bit of tissue paper with the words “Torres”, “Kaka”, “JT”, “Gazza”, “Paul the Octopus”, “Robocop”, and “Zidane” scrawled in lipstick presumably would.

Anyway, the growing whisper seems to be that Torres could be turning out in blue next season, but – as The Spoiler has already pointed out – it will be Chelsea blue, as opposed to City’s considerably lighter hue.

Either way, the Man City revolving door will certainly be seeing a lot of action over the coming weeks, with today’s rumours reading a little something like this:

Robinho’s departure has long been on the cards, ever since the trial separation midway through last season. As anyone who has ever attempted to use this particularly damp plaster on a massive wound technique well knows, it just never works out. Never.

Hence, Robinho will reportedly be sleeping in the arms of AC Milan next season. Those sluts.

Others on their way out are rumoured to be Micah Richards, and his quiet friend Craig Bellamy. Both have been linked with moves to Spurs, where hopefully some London glitz and glam with tempt Bellamy to come out of his shell a bit.

As for those coming in, one name Gallagher didn’t mention was Roland Benedict – son of Dirk Benedict, aka Face in The A-Team – which was probably right there on that napkin, flanked by “Muhammad Ali” and “Chuck Norris”.

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