World Cup hero Diego Forlan gets his own cartoon

Striker immortalised in animated story

As if being officially recognised as the tournament’s best player wasn’t enough, Diego Forlan has now had his match-winning antics at World Cup 2010 celebrated through the media of cartoon and song.

Faceless band The Golden Vuvuzelas recently penned an ode to Diego (“his hair is like the sun on the Uruguay flag”) which seems to have become a smash hit in his native South America, leading to a music video being created in the style of the Japanese Roy of the Rovers, Captain Tsubasa.

The animated short sees Diego strutting around at what appears to be a very high speed, as Italian players drop to their knees, farting wildly at the thought of facing the mercurial Uruguayan. Luis Suarez also makes a cameo appearance, heroically batting a goal-bound ball out of harm’s way.

As football based cartoons go, it’s impressively mental, but not a patch on the indescribably brilliant mid-’90s classic The Hurricanes (video below)

Forlan video spotted on [ONTDF]

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