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Drogba linked with Man City, Kaka linked with Chelsea…

Imagine this, but with a light blue top on

Didier Drogba

Fans of stories about pregnant women will be thrilled to learn that Fernando Torres has excelled himself in the bedroom, to the point where his wife is expecting a baby.

Discussions will presumably now turn to what kind of child they want. In simple old fashioned stereotyping terms: do they want a Teddy Boy, or a Scally

Hmm, tough one.

Here’s what else we know about football transfers, thanks to the likes of The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror etc…:

Didier Drogba’s agent has just blown everyone’s minds by suggesting that his client might yet ruffle a few feathers by buggering off to Man City. He said this in a radio interview:

“There may be surprises before August 31.”

“I haven’t spoken to just anybody.”

“The only direct contact I have had was with Manchester City.”

Vague figures being thrown around have been in the area of £20million, which would surely be magnificent business for a man closer to 40 than 20.

In other Chelsea-related news, the whisper is that Jose Mourinho is looking to draft a quarter of the German World Cup team into his Real Madrid side, including the much-fancied playmaker, Ozil.

This would seemingly free up Kaka and van der Vaart to sod off elsewhere, with the assumption being that Abramovich will be lurking in the shadows making womanly weeping sounds to attract their attention.

And in two-word transfer news:

Keane, Fulham.

James, Celtic.

Birmingham, Riquelme.

Sol, Sunderland.

That is all.

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