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Chelsea, Barcelona, and Bayern all go for a Brazilian

Ramires – lots of thinking to do


Of course, now that we’re living in a nanny state, it’s very much frowned upon to blow a nice cloud of cigarette smoke into your child’s face. Crazy right? Still, thanks to facists like David Cameron and his besuited cohorts, Billie Piper might think twice before treating junior to a delicious Mayfair in future.

The Spoiler, unlike most of civilised society, is a massive smoking fan.

In other news, here’s what’s been happening on the big sprawling transfer wasteland today, as reported by the likes of The Mirror, The Sun, The Guardian etc…

Still caught in the eye of the calm before the storm, there hasn’t been a great deal of movement, with much of the focus shining on the Brazilian midfielder, Ramires.

Very much a wanted man, Chelsea had reportedly set aside £20million for his extravagant feather-quilled signature, before Barcelona and Bayern Munich thought they’d barge into the middle of things, waving money, and whispering “join us” in their respective languages.

Ramires has a lot of thinking to do.

There’s been some movement at Liverpool – mainly thanks to Rafa Benitez blowing hard on one of those whistles that only hounds can hear.

Mascherano’s ears pricked up as expected, and now he’s reportedly bounding towards his master, who seems convinced that he can turn Inter into Barcelona. Liverpool want £25million for their prize pup.

And in three-word news:

Wayney Bridge, Liverpool.

Bellamy, Spurs, Loan.

Sol, don’t go.

That is all.

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  • JamRag // July 22, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    Wayney Bridge, Liverpool.

    No chance of any baby mama dramas up there kidda… just get the cock-happy little trollop hooked up with Alex Gerard – she’ll soon have her dressing in Laura Ashley frocks and attending WI meetings.

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