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David Beckham’s 10 GREATEST ever hairstyles

Beckham – has a history of haircuts

David Beckham 

People who spend their entire day at work perusing various lifestyle websites might have noticed that the beautiful ladies at Grazia dedicated a feature to Victoria Beckham and her amazing hair.

That was all the inspiration that The Spoiler needed to essentially lift the idea, only applying it to her husband, David. See some of his most magnificent hair do’s after the jump… 

1. The Neville Cut

David Beckham

Rather interestingly, Gary Neville has spent most of his career perfecting a “vintage Beckham” look. It’s not hard to achieve – all that’s required is a fine mop of brunette hair, a tub of grease, and the kind of demi-beard that you might find on a young teenager who has decided that girls like a soft tickle when they’re snogging.

2. Jarhead

David Beckham

Some might remember a film of the same name a few years ago, about marines sitting around waiting to kill people, all wearing a standard issue haircut - it gets its name because it makes the subject’s head look ever so slightly like a jar of marmalade/lemon curd. Jamie Redknapp recently attempted to bring this one back, with absolutely no success whatsoever.

3. Alice Band

David Beckham

Fact fans might be interested to know that Alice Bands are also known as “fascinators” – presumably because they’re really fascinating. Normally worn by teenage girls who need to keep their fringes tamed when they’re doing homework, Beckham thought he’d introduce these to grown men in their 20s. Did it catch on? Think about that one for a second.

4. The “Rod Stewart”

David Beckham

When Rod Stewart morphed from stylish mod frontman of The Faces into something rather more sleazy, his hair underwent a thrilling change – one that involved highlights, and a feathery texture that was very a la mode in the 1980s. In the above picture, Beckham pays homage to 1981/2 Rod Stewart, and does it very well.

5. Mohican

David Beckham

Probably Beckham’s most iconic moment, this look spawned a massive nationwide movement, which found men in suits turning up to the office like they were merely seconds away from hacking one up, and gobbing directly into your face. As quickly as it appeared, it was gone. Such is the Beckham way.

6. The “Legally Blonde”

David Beckham

There is a very fine line to navigate between being meterosexual and a transvestite, and for a brief window during his time in Spain, Beckham trod this line with the deft skills of a trapeze artist. When he went blonde and long, it was by far his most womanly phase. With the possible exception of the time he went out in one of Posh’s pencil skirts.

7. Samurai

David Beckham

Ahh, the Samurai look. This one didn’t catch on at all. Still, Beckham persevered for a time, presumably flirting with the idea of accessorising with a nice gentlemanly kimono and a sword while he was at it. Other celebrities of note who tried the Samurai look include: Tom Cruise. But he only did it for a rubbish film.

8. Hoxton Fin

David Beckham

Very popular with the kind of people who took their fashion very seriously during the early stages of the millennium, David Beckham took the “Hoxton Fin” and popularised it amongst normal citizens who hadn’t once wept over a copy of The Face whilst high on ketamine. Fashion circles were presumably furious about this.

9. Skinhead

David Beckham

Like most people who are seriously enthusiastic about their hair, David Beckham has a default setting in times when he can’t really decide what to do next. That seemingly involves flying his barber over for preposterous money, and telling him to spend twenty seconds zipping it all off. Once the popular choice amongst kids with serious attitude problems.

10. Braids

David Beckham

Sergio Ramos was recently spotted giving this one a go, and whilst we like to think that we live in a world of equality where nothing should be race specific, this is one haircut not intended for white people. Even Bo Derek – so lithe and beautiful in the movie 10 – couldn’t pull this one off. A big mistake. Huge.

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  • Missy // July 22, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    Every single one of Beck’s coiffs can still be seen parading around the pitches today. From Guti to Diego Forlan.

    It’s only a matter of time before we women will be waiting on YOU guys to get ready before going out. (Stay away from salon mousse whip. I mean it.)

  • Mr. Chopper // July 23, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    Missy, you seem to have forgotten that when Lord Beckham invented the Metrosexual (named after the New York MetroStar Hetrosexuals), he created a type of gentleman that would require AT LEAST two minutes to get ready. This far-reaching ideal for the modern man has to be fully accepted by some Neanderthals, however it is them you need to be worried about waiting for…

    It’s not that easy attempting to finish a six-pack of European Stella before the wife is dolled up.

  • Debabrata // November 3, 2010 at 7:40 am

    maksudai sex hairstyle_____!!! ultimate hairstyl____!!!

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