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Anyone can watch football, says Arshavin, even blondes

Four blondies, and one kind of mousy one


If you’re determined to burrow into the mind of a footballer to find out exactly what makes him tick, then there are only two destinations for you. The first is – home to Rio Ferdy’s exclusive football magazine.

Just three minutes of staring blankly at the site, and even a really tired cat would be able to write a thesis on the inner workings of Rio “P Diddy” Ferds.

And the second is Andrey Arshavin’s unbeatable blog, which finds fans of the dinky little fashionista posing strange and intriguing questions, which Arshavin dutifully answers using words and emoticons :-I 

Below is a little taster from the most recent Q&A:

2. From dmi3y
I saw your pictures taken during training on the Arsenal web-site, and I figured that you are a very cheerful man, just like me … So my question is: what does space smell like? And another one (only I want you to answer “yes , you’ll marry, you will have a family, kids, lots of happiness , and you’ll love each other for the rest of your lives ” so that I could show her your reply and say” Look, honey, Andrey knows, he doesn’t lie” . So the question is: Will I marry my Milana?
: Space smells of eternity. Will you have a wedding? I do not know, I’m not a fortune-teller :)

7. From lenor2802
Andrey, I am your big fan and I want to tell you that you’re a brilliant footballer. I do art and music. And I wonder what players think about art and what styles, genres they prefer … Thanks in advance. Elena.
: Different people have different tastes. Therefore, each person chooses for himself what he likes be he a medical worker or a steelworker :)

8. From Russian … English … French … ??? What tongue do you like?? Thank you! Good luck in football and in your personal life!
: Beef tongue :)

10. From lubitelnica
Do you think blondes can watch football or it’s not worth it? I’m a blonde, but I love football, that’s why I’m asking. My friend and I even wrote a book about football. And where can one get the chants “especially for blondes”?
: Football is universal. It can be played by thick and thin, tall and small, fast and slow. It can also be watched by stupid and smart, blondes and non blondes :)

Great stuff.

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