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More transfer window movement from Man City

Mr Flashy wants loads more money, please


That’s “movement” in the very broadest sense of the word. The same sense that finds old women hunched over with their noses mere centimetres from the ground travelling from A to B at around a thirtieth of normal human velocity.

No. This transfer window is in no danger of coming off its hinges just yet. But there has been the odd breeze coming in.

Here’s what we know thanks to the likes of The Guardian, The Mirror, The Mail and the rest…

As seems to be the way of things, most of the action seems to be taking place in Manchester – or “Madchester” as it was known back in the days when pudding bowl haircuts and enormous jeans didn’t get you beaten up in school.

The robed men at City are reportedly sitting in an open mouthed silence, after Mario Balotelli thanked but no thanked them for their contract offer of £65,000/week, instead asking if they could bump it up slightly to round the £180,000/week mark. 

In other Man City news, they seem intent of putting together a northern interpretation of the Cesc Fabregas debacle, by snatching the Barcelona teenager Gai Assulin from Spanish clutches.

Rated at a preposterous £34million, the lad has reportedly cancelled his contract with Barca, and could head to City on “a free” – which would presumably involve wage demands of Balotellic proportions. Here’s a short video of the youngster in action…

And over at United – just past Mick Hucknell from Simply Red’s house, and over an area of idyllic countryside that generously masks the roof of Gary Neville’s series of luxury underground caves – there is talk of sending car crash survivor, Anderson, over to Werder Bremen in return for Ozil.

And in two/three word news:

Boateng, AC

Grosso, Birmingham.

That is all.

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