Anger Eating

Wayne Rooney soothed World Cup heartache with Pot Noodle

More photoshop skills…

Wayne Rooney 

Everyone reacts to crippling frustration/anger differently. Some punch walls/people, other weep/spasm uncontrollably. Some boil the kettle, fill the “pot” up to the recommended level, wait two minutes, stir, wait another minute, add sauce, and then eat.

That, by the way, was The Spoiler’s very long-winded attempt at explaining that England’s most disappointing World Cup striker – namely, Wayne Rooney – sat in the dressing room furiously eating a Pot Noodle after being sent off against Portugal in 2006.

This revelation came from a hungry attendee at a party thrown to celebrate the new Sticky Rib Pot Noodle, although it has also reportedly been featured on a little-watched James Corden football programme.

If, like The Spoiler, you missed that particular treat, here it is via the medium of Youtube:

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  • Jack Hawkins // August 5, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    I don’t how you can say James Cordens World Cup Live was little watched when it averaged 3.9 million viewers. A 300 % increase on the bbc sport viewings at the same time on the same night? If that’s little watched then quite what catagory this website falls into i don’t know. Don’t be nasty x

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