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Abbey Clancy does Britney, Larissa Riquelme gets naked…

Also appearing on a computer near you

Peter Crouch couldn’t say it better himself

Gerard Pique does some beach snogging on holiday


1994 catches up with Camoranesi

[Dirty Tackle]

Larissa Riquelme takes her clothes off (NSFW)


Jack Wilshere under the microscope

[Daily Mail]

Capello braces himself

[Caught Offside]

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  • Christopher // August 10, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Your headline says, “Abbey Clancy does Britney”. I watched the whole video and it’s just Ms. Clancy miming to a badly-sung, cliche-ridden pop song! There’s no blonde on blonde action in there at all! ;)

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