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Liverpool man linked with Barca, and Robinho update…

Clue: he’s in this picture


Those still reeling for the Crouchie-pays-for-sex debacle that totally ruined Abbey Clancy’s weekend might be interested to know that she’s sought advice from Toni Terry – JT’s rather put upon baby mama/wife.

Crouchie, without wanting to speak too soon, it looks like you got away with it.

Can everyone just move on and stop using hookers now, please? At least for a bit?

Anyway, here’s the big transfer news, from the likes of The Daily Mail, The Sun, the ooh-ah Daily Star, and the seriously student friendly Communist newspaper, The Guardian

Absolutely no big spending news from Man City today. Not even a peep. Perhaps they take Tuesdays off in Manchester? No one knows. Didier Drogba did his best to cause a ripple by pointlessly insisting that he wouldn’t be joining them for £20million, but, frankly, no one had said that he would.

He was presumably playing some kind of silly game to pass the time, going on to point out that he also wouldn’t join Portsmouth for £83million, Young Boys for 4.3 gazillion, Real Madrid for 83 pence, Nottingham Forest for ten bob, Lyon for twelve hundred bucks etc…

Funny guy.

One man who also mightn’t be turning out for Man City is Robinho, who enjoyed such a lovely holiday at Santos that the greyish skies and chips in curry sauce shops have slightly lost their allure.

The word on the street is that Schalke are lining up a hefty bid for the restless one, and he could well be off.

Down in sunny Spain – past France – there are BIG rumblings coming from Barcelona in the aftermath of the failed kidnapping attempt on Fabregas.

Reports suggest that the spare Fabregas money might now go on Liverpool’s Javier Mascherano, who would fit the bill perfectly, because: a. Inter Milan don’t have the money for him. And b. Barcelona do.

They might also buy Mesut Ozil while they’re at it. Although his German club insist that no approach has been made.

And in two-word news:

Ozil, United.

Ozil, Chelsea.

Ozil, Stoke.

Yeah, just kidding about the last one.

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