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Hey Wayne Bridge, Vanessa Perroncel wants you back!

Vanessa and Wayne – before she didn’t do it with JT

Vanessa Perroncel and Wayne Bridge 

In light of all of the teenage prostitutes doing the rounds, just rogering your best mate’s girlfriend actually seems quite twee and civilised. And yet, only a few short months ago, the entire nation was twitchy with anger after allegations arose concerning JT, Bridgey, and a French underpants model called Vanessa.

Anyway, just as the whole thing was finally fading beneath Peter Crouch’s Nosferatu-like shadow, Vanessa Perroncel clearly felt that it was high time she went on GMTV to remind everyone of the things that she definitely didn’t do.

For those who would rather wake up to the sweet sounds of birdsong, not the honking noises of Kate Garraway cross examining a confused foreigner, here’s the lowdown from this morning’s big interview:

Vanessa on Terry:

“Friends, we were friends. That’s what we were.”

Vanessa on whether she actually ever did it with JT:

“I denied that from the start but people didn’t want to hear.”

Vanessa on getting back together with Bridge:

“It would be lovely, but you know, Wayne might not feel that way.”

Next week: Rebecca Loos gets shouted at by John Stapleton, before receiving a very sore smacked bottom from Andrew Castle.

Here’s a clip from today’s rollercoaster ride:

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  • douchette // August 11, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    wayne is hot but he’s damaged goods. what woman is going to get involved with a man who has a crazy french psycho ex & a kid? he might as well get back together with her…

  • Wayne Bridge // August 11, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    no comment

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