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8 memorable David Beckham England moments

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David Beckham 

In many ways, Capello’s rather tactless handling of the Beckham situation has done the metrosexual one a favour. After all, look at the options – it’s either this, or Beckham trundling about the pitch clutching his back like an international football tribute to the Rolling Stones for the next twenty five years, because no one has the heart to tell him to sod off.

Anyway, after the jump you’ll find a cluster of precious Beckham memories. Hold them dear, won’t you…

His first England goal against Colombia

Of course, Beckham is now known for existing on the cutting edge of fashion – a man of a thousand haircuts – but back in 1998, he was just another gelled-up East 17 fan dreaming of life in the fast lane. Above is a clip of his first England goal. 

Becks gets sent off against Argentina

As quickly as Beckham’s star ascended at the 1998 World Cup, it was suddenly eclipsed, set on fire, spat at, and hurled into a boggy area of putrid wasteland, where smelly Stig of the Dumps could poke at it with a very shitty stick. Yes, that was a very long-winded way of saying that he got sent off against Argentina, wasn’t it?

That free kick against Greece

Every footballer needs a special moment to look back on, and Beckham has at least three. There was the Man United goal from his own half, the time he borrowed one of Posh’s pencil skirts to socialise in, and THAT GOAL against Greece. It was a corker, and no mistake.

The ridiculous mohawk hair don’t

Probably Beckham’s most iconic hair moment, this look spawned a massive nationwide movement, which found business execs turning up to the office looking like violent glue sniffers in suits. Find more wonderful Beckham hairstyles by clicking here.

His great penalty against Argentina

In the same way that Stuart Pearce famously grasped the opportunity to banish the memories of Italia 90 with a successful spot kick at Euro 96, Beckham seemingly exorcised some 1998 demons when he blasted one into the Argentine net in 2002. Cue shirt kisses, and the high pitched squeeling of life affirming swear words.

His abysmal penalty against Portugal

In amongst the high drama of a David Beckham rollercoaster, there have been welcomed moments of comic relief – such as the hilarious penalty against Portugal. The Spoiler has always been convinced that part of him did it on purpose for a giggle.

Becksie resigns as England captain

Not since Take That held a surprise splitting up press conference in the mid-1990s had such a well moisturised macho man looked so close to tears. Moving barely even covers it. This was tear-your-heart-out television.

Capello puts the kibosh on Beckham’s England career

As is the Beckham way, his retirement came in a rather unconventional manner. In that it was announced by someone else, without Beckham even knowing about it.

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