FA reveal the next England manager will be homegrown

Goin’ English from here on out


Continuing the encouraging theme of everyone talking about him as if he’s a dead man walking, it appears the FA have confirmed Fabio Capello‘s eventual successor will definitely be an Englishman, who will have naturally been weaned on a steady diet of GRIT. PASSION. and DETERMINATION. from birth and therefore will automatically be very good at managing the national team, even if it is comprised solely of vastly overrated millionaires that play like middle-aged men who’ve won a Powerleague raffle to be a professional footballer for the day.

Club England managing director Adrian Bevington relayed the decision after ‘high-level talks’ at FA HQ, Soho Square:

That is the view in the discussions I have been involved in. We enjoyed working with Sven Goran Eriksson, and we have Fabio in now. But I think the English team should be managed by an English manager (in the future).

A lot of people have a very different view of Fabio Capello to the one they had before the World Cup. Our job is to support him as best we can. Maybe we can help him, and maybe now is the time to improve communications between manager and players.

Yeah, ‘maybe’. Don’t worry about it too much Adrian, it’s not as if it’s a matter of importance.

Anyway, with Capello likely to leave after Euro 2012, unless we win it or something, who do you think will be next in line to lead the Three Lions into abject disappointment?

Btw, Harry Redknapp will be 67 by the time the next World Cup rolls around, so you might as well strike him from your list early doors.

We’re going for Dr. Sam Allardyce, or a cryogenically preserved Roy Hodgson.

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  • Delboy Dublin // August 16, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Yep, replace a respected foreign manager with a homegrown one. They’ve not tried that before… oh right…

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