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Uh-oh! Danielle Lloyd would chop Peter Crouch’s balls off!

Danielle Lloyd – feminist

Danielle Lloyd

As Peter Crouch will surely learn over the coming weeks and months, you cross the sisterhood at your peril.

It’s been an image-shattering fortnight for Crouchie, who has morphed from being football’s gentle giant, into some kind of horny Nosferatu, forking out for filthy stag night sex with a prozzie, and smearing his long skeletal fingers all over a group of blondes on holiday.

And now, it’s not just Abbey Clancy burning with an inner rage - her Liverpudlian sister, Princess Danielle Lloyd, has muscled in to share her thoughts on the matter with the popular feminist info-tainment magazine, Reveal.

She said this (as reported in today’s Sun):

“I feel so sorry for her – getting cheated on is bad enough, but it’s worse if your man pays a prostitute for sex.”

“If I was in Abbey’s situation I’d dump him. In fact, I’d probably chop his balls off, then dump him!”

“If she takes Peter back she’ll be constantly worrying about where he is and who he’s seeing, and that’s no way to live.”

Does Danielle Lloyd have a point? Should Abbey chop Crouchie’s balls off? Let us know with a comment.

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  • Sophie Stepover // August 17, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Danielle Lloyd’s sympathy is the last thing I’d need if I were Abbey Clancy. (And where does all her “chop his balls off” rage come from? Her ex-man ho Jermaine Defoe?? The guy she caught cheating on her? According to the backseat taxi skank, he still has his balls. So it looks like Danielle’s rage is only directed at other WAGs’ partners.)

    Crouch doesn’t need any amputations. He just needs AA.

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