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Super-injunction defined, plus more news about footballers

More big football news…

Big football 

On a totally unrelated note, a super-injunction is defined thusly:

An injunction obtained in a secret convening of the court where in the result, the court file, the names of the parties and even the terms of the injunction order are secret except as between the parties, counsel, the judge and the court staff.

Here’s what we know about football business, thanks to the likes of The Guardian, The Daily Mail, our buddies at Caught Offside, and others…

It’s a brave new world for Arsenal supporters, with news coming through that they can now buy a small share in the club to go along with their seventh-and-final Cesc Fabregas shirt.

In the words of a suited and booted sports minister – namely, Hugh Robertson:

“This proposal at Arsenal is enlightened and forward-looking.”

“Clearly it is for individual clubs to decide, but this is a model I’d like to see other teams explore.”

Much of today’s big transfer rumblings have also been coming from the metropolitan city of London – the most ridiculous of which hails from Crystal Palace, with whispers suggesting that old man Davids (Edgar) might be dusting down his football slippers after a couple of years wandering the planet.

Apparently, he hadn’t officially retired, despite not playing since 2008. Palace might be wise to get van Basten, Cruyff and Gullit on the phone while they’re at it - just in case. 

Meanwhile, up in Merseyside, men in suits have been running around slapping one another and shouting hysterically to be left alone after Carlo Ancelotti said this:

“Rodwell of Everton is a good player.”

And in five word news:

Rafael Van der Vaart, Chelsea.

Kevin Prince Boateng, AC Milan.

That is all.

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  • Heee // April 20, 2011 at 11:55 pm

    As reagrds the Imogen Thomas super injunction I wonder if it’s Jermaine Dafoe?

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