Nicklas Bendtner sacks his “self-publicist” physio

Medic warns the no.52 will regret his decision


Arsenal ‘striker’ Nicklas Bendtner has given his physiotherapist the boot after the clingy doctor told press his client’s recovery would take three months longer than necessary.

Physio Soren Malling had been treating Bendtner’s long-term groin gyp, thought to have been brought on after he introduced his £160k Aston Martin to a Hertfordshire tree trunk last September, for a couple of weeks earlier this month.

However, when the Dane stopped turning up for treatment, bunny-boiling Malling ran to newspapers claiming that, unless Nicklas’ groin continued receiving his special touch, the 22-year-old’s recovery time would shoot up from early September to December. According to the Telegraph, Bendts is not in the least bit impressed:

I do not wish to receive any further treatment from this self-publicist. I am very happy with how my rehabilitation has been going under the Arsenal medical team and expect to be back in training in around six weeks’ time.

Malling says unless the no.58 has some magical horse placentas to hand, he’s making a bad move:

I have only treated him for two weeks. There is now a huge difference. When I started treating him, he could not even train on the grass. Now he can run normally, he is starting to kick the football.

I think the club without me had a job with Nicklas that was nearly impossible. Nicklas has been seriously injured. It is a very complex injury in his pelvic girdle. (oo-er). I think it is very sad for Nicklas, now he is making progress. I hope that it is a mistake and the treatment will continue.

Hmm. The Spoiler can’t figure out whether this is the most caring physiotherapist in the world, or football’s answer to Annie Wilkes.

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  • Sophie Stepover // August 24, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    Yikes. This guy sounds like a stalker.

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