Manchester United could have got £7.4m Bebe for £125k

In other news, Fergie made him cut off his dreadlocks


A former coach at Bebe‘s old club Estrela has confirmed what we had all already guessed, by revealing Manchester United may have slightly overpaid for the striker – to the tune of £7.3m.

As recently as January this year Estrela were hawking the 20-year-old around an uninterested Europe for £125,000, in an attempt to raise some cash and avoid liquidation.

Jorge Paxaio told the Daily Mail:

Last season we had no money at all. We were trying to transfer Bebe to other clubs. We had to raise money desperately. We told everyone in England and in Europe: “For 150,000 Euros you can have him”. We couldn’t get anybody interested. Nobody trusted him. None of the clubs were interested because he had never played at a high level.

I was surprised with the sudden way it happened with United. I was hoping he would move to a bigger club in Portugal or to a medium-sized club in Europe. I didn’t expect Manchester United.

The striker’s former agent Goncalo Reis says he was equally as shocked about Fergie’s interest (but probably more upset he never managed to get a cut of the fee):

A scout from United could have contacted me or the club last season. There was no secret. But I understand that the United scout just saw certain games in Portugal and only realised Bebe was a great player when he saw some pre-season games involving Guimaraes.

Happily for Man Utd fans, Bebe doesn’t appear to be bothered by the media scrutiny and is rather enjoying life at Old Trafford… apart from being told to cut his hippy hair by Drill Sargeant Ferguson.

Goal.com report the Portuguese U21 spake thusly to newspaper A Bola:

I am working hard, everyone has helped me a lot. I have adapted well, given the short time I have been there. The older ones help me a lot.

Did Ferguson make me cut my hair? More or less…

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  • Garreth // September 2, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    How is this even news?

    He moved to Guimaraes for a free at the end of the season, so shouldn’t the story be ‘could’ve got him for £0 6 weeks ago’ rather than ‘could’ve got him for £125k 6 months ago’?

    Oh, that’s right, that was already the story when he signed anyway.

    Something fishy about the whole deal one way or another. Player who scores a handful of goals in 20 odd appearances in the Portuguese 3rd tier is picked up on a free and then suddenly sold for £7m+?

  • Darren // September 2, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Yawn. Typical Daily Fail reporting.

    I imagine we could have got Leo Messi for nothing if we’d hung around the streets of his home town when he was eleven; and England would have won the World Cup in 1990 if they’d known Chris Waddle was going to blast his pen over the bar; and we’d all be rich if we’d bet a year ago on Blackpool being in the Premiership now.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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