Tony Blair turned to Sir Alex Ferguson for advice

Ex-PM consulted cantankerous gaffer over sacking Gordon Brown


Much hullabaloo in the UK press at the moment over Tony Blair‘s recently published memoirs, in which, by all accounts, he comes across as a bit of an egotistical chap. Interestingly, though, at one point he reveals he occasionally deferred to Sir Alex Ferguson over how to deal with the fractious relationship between himself and Gordon Brown.

According to The Sun, Blair saw the situation as being analogous to the relationship between ‘a football manager plagued by a talented but difficult player’ and asked the Man Utd boss for advice, without ever explicitly referring to Gordo:

Mr Blair writes: “What would you do if you had a really difficult but brilliant player causing you problems? I would ask.

Get rid of them, he would reply.

And supposing after you got rid of them they were still in the dressing room and in the squad? I would say.

That would be a different matter, he would reply, laughing.

What an illuminating conversation. Is the rest of the book like this?

Unsurprisingly, the pair’s chats didn’t lead to any decisive action and Blair decided to tough it out with Brown until such time he could describe him as “a strange guy” crippled by “personal drawbacks” and possessing “zero emotional intelligence” in order to promote a book.

Old Fergie has demonstrated a worrying level of influence over our fair nation in the past couple of days. First cajoling the Home Office into handing out work permits, now having the ear of a Prime Minister? At least it finally explains Fergie Time.

[The Sun via Off the Post]

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  • Benny Hana // September 3, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    Two illegal wars makes this guy a war criminal but in a country of arseholes that has been filled and led by criminals for over 4 centuries, he’s treated like a celeb.

    Interesting how being responsible for the deaths of civilians can make someone so lovable.


  • Benny Hanna is a tard // September 6, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    ” in a country of arseholes that has been filled and led by criminals for over 4 centuries”
    Is this guy for real? What’s this got to do with football. Why are you using this blogto espouse your hatred for the UK and Blair? Why don’t you take your remedial class foreign affairs and history knowledge and go and use it elsewhere – maybe you’re pre-school teacher will be impressed at how grown up you’ve become. While you’re at it why don’t you look up the word xenephobia, you hypocrite.

    If you don’t like the man, don’t buy and read his book. As for illegality – if you’ve got a case go and file it at the Hague. Otherwise take your libellous comments elsewhere you Class A f***wit.

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