West Brom’s Joe Mattock walks free after smacking four people in a nightclub brawl

2 men, 2 women on the receiving end of indiscriminate windmilling


West Brom fullback Joe Mattock was handed a suspended sentence yesterday after pleading guilty to punching four people, including two girls, to the floor during a 1-on-4 nightclub barney last year.

The court heard 20-year-old Bruce Lee-a-like Mattock left a trail of bodies behind him in Leicester club Liquid Envy after being given ‘grief’ over his transfer from Leicester City to West Brom. Mirror Football picks up the story:

Mattock got talking to one of the victims at the bar, when her boyfriend approached him and was seen to say something to him, sparking Mattock to throw a punch. He then also hit the woman, and CCTV footage showed him hitting another woman and man.

Prosecutor James Thomas told the court the footballer left the club “fairly swiftly”, then swapped his T-shirt with a friend to avoid being spotted.

The England U21 turned himself in the next day, telling police he was hit from behind and lashed out, only later realising he had hit a woman. According to the prosecutor “all four victims were knocked to the ground. Some suffered cut lips, while one of the women had a bruised cheekbone and a black eye.”

Good grief. At least Joe can fall back on a career in MMA, should this football thing not work out.

Stuart Driver QC, mitigating, described how Mattock’s life in Leicester had turned sour after signing for the Baggies, even being slapped round the back of the head while in a shop, and put the defender’s rage down to “things that were happening to him and around him”. He told the court:

It was a year ago and the difficulties, the being shouted at in the street, that sort of thing, have not gone away. In fact, the publicity of being prosecuted has added to it again.

But the difference is he has learned from his mistake, he has learned how to cope with it and in the last 12 months he has not put a foot wrong.

Considering West Brom have already conceded seven in three this season, when he gets back from injury we reckon Joe will be getting wrong-footed every week.

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  • Lee Ballinger // September 3, 2010 at 12:35 pm


    Boing Boing!!

  • nick // September 4, 2010 at 12:03 am

    what a totalled biased and crass piece of lazy journalism – u really r a bunch of lazy nobs

    the 4 four leicester nob-heasds deserved what they got – pity he didn’t put the boot in while they were down – they started it and then started squealin like pigs.

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