Manchester City: The Movie

Seriously, they’re releasing an actual film. In cinemas.

Cast your minds waaay back, well over a year ago, and you might remember reading a typically-exclusive Spoiler story about Manchester City signing a deal with Big Brother-creators Endemol.

It appears their relationship was productive – the above trailer is for a forthcoming Man City-based epic titled Blue Moon Rising, produced in conjuction with Endemol and director Stewart Suggs (who once made a film starring both Chris Penn AND Tiffany from Eastenders), which is set to be released in UK cinemas next week.

The film documents the highs (owning Chelsea 4-2 at theirs) and lows (receiving an 82nd minute owning from Peter Crouch) of City’s first full season under Emirati sugar-daddy Sheik Mansour, backed with behind-the-scenes dressing room footage and various interviews with earnest fans, including Oasis talent-hogger Noel Gallagher.

Originally planned as a made-for-TV job, Blue Moon Rising has now somehow wangled a limited distribution deal to be shown at selected cinemas from September 17.

The film premieres at the Manchester Printworks this Thursday, and apparently the whole City squad will be turning out for it. On a blue carpet. *sigh*

[via Guardian]

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  • Mr. Chopper // September 7, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    Making a film to get more fans, huh? Well at least they’re trying. I’ll still piss my pants when they get barred from the Champion’s League, mind you.

  • Delboy Dublin // September 8, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    Jesus, just when you think City can’t make themselves an even more hateful bunch on nouveau riche tossbags, they go and do something like this

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