All Inter Milan have got going for them is the San Siro

New-boy Obinna rates the Hammers. Inter, not so much


West Ham‘s new striker Victor Obinna says it was his Nigerian compatriot Nwankwo Kanu who convinced him to move from Inter Milan on a season long loan.

Known for his practical jokes, 87-year-old Kanu recommended Obinna hook up with non-managing manager Avram Grant, wistfully remembering the gaffer busily dividing his time at Portsmouth between fighting relegation, going on a mazy FA Cup run and visiting the south coast’s finest brothels.

The nippy 23-year-old who Grant doesn’t yet know will single-handedly save his side from relegation said:

I spoke to Kanu, who played for Grant at Portsmouth, and he was excited that I come here.

Inter have an amazing stadium but West Ham have a big culture and a very long history.

To be fair, he did spend last season out on loan to Malaga. Maybe no-one has told him about The Treble yet.

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  • anthonyOA // September 9, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    Ahaha that Kanu. He’s a real character.

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