Roy Keane’s dog Triggs dies

Subject of the least creative chant ever passes


Triggs, the famous pet Labrador owned by dead-eyed hardman Roy Keane, has gone to the big doghouse in the sky, according to the Daily Mail.

Ever-present during the fallout from the ex-Ireland international’s World Cup 2002 ‘stick it up your bollocks’ strop, Triggs, who Roy claimed to trust more than some of his own Man Utd teammates, got into a few scrapes of his own over years and was the centre of a police investigation in 2009, after dragging Roy into a row with neighbours over his naughty dog antics.

A ‘source’ is ‘quoted’ as ‘telling’ The Sun:

Roy has lost his best friend. Triggs has been a calming influence on him over the years. This news will have the Ipswich players panicking.

Way to ruin the mood, guys.

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  • rbn // November 3, 2010 at 2:06 am

    wowww….. thats ridiculous however sad to hear he lost his friend of all times….

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