Abbey Clancy’s having a baby – it COULD be a boy

A montage!

Abbey Clancy

In what sounds like a very weird dream, The Sun reports that Abbey Clancy went for lunch at Strada with James Brown, before declaring to the whole restaurant that she was expecting a baby boy, the nurse saw its penis and she wants to call it Johnny.

Seriously, has someone made this up to blow The Spoiler’s mind? It’s a bit early for pranks.

Anyway, apparently not. To clear things up a little bit, she’s just had her 12 week scan, and her companion wasn’t THE James Brown - just some hairdresser friend.

In a rather fitting homage to his occasional England strike partner, it turns out that Crouchie was also banging a proz whilst his woman was at home, heavy (ish) with child.

Is there a pregnancy/prostitute rule that The Spoiler doesn’t know about?

Take it away actual James Brown!

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