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The Champions League is harder to win than the World Cup, lies Jose Mourinho

Mourinho – just kidding?

Jose Mourinho 

As reported on the popular Spanish website,, Jose Mourinho’s mouth has once again kicked into action before the logic part of his brain, as he muttered these words:

“It (Champions League) is the most difficult competition. You can not compare it with a World Cup because the teams are stronger than national sides.”

Exactly what point he’s trying to make is rather murky – is he right? Or might Senor Mourinho be blowing yet more smoke up his own behind? Figuratively speaking.

Surely a competition that only comes around once every four years must be harder to win than an annual event?

Spoiler readers, what are you exact thoughts on this?

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  • gaptooth // September 15, 2010 at 11:55 am

    really silly comment from JM
    I think there has been a mass slating of international football post WC by managers and pundits

    Fergie blasted the World cup , Andy gray is forever reminding us how poor the WC was – and there have been loads of rumblings like that in the press
    A lot of it is hot air , aimed at diverting focus back onto club football. but sadly its transcending onto players psyches (hence the poor performances by the worlds most coverted players in the WC)

    also if the Champions League is so hard to win how come we are in an age where we have 3 practicing managers who have all won it twice (mourinhio , fergie and del bosque)

    how many managers can say they have done that in the world cup ?

    The thing that seperates the two the most is the money factor. its no surprise that the top 10 richest club sides tend to always win the champions league , but money and international football are not so directly linked , with 3rd world countries regularly upsetting G8 nations (ghana’s win over the USA springs to mind)

    the champions league is great – but i still prefer the world cup and even the FA cup

  • Ultra-Humanite // September 15, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    I don’t think you can really equate the two. That’s like saying it’s harder to win in Serie A than in the Premier League. Even if you could prove it, who cares?

  • Joey // September 16, 2010 at 2:01 am

    It is impossible to be able to really tell which is tougher to win. But I think the part of the point that makes sense is that, by the late stages of the Champions League, it’s likely that the remaining teams ARE better than even the best World Cup side.
    If you think about how much money the best of the best spend to put together world class sides, combined with the months and sometimes years that these guys have been playing together, it’s only natural that the best club teams are able to communicate on a level that the World Cup teams can’t touch. It’s simply a matter of time spent together on the field.

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