Sexy couple

Spoiler readers, your new favourite football glamour couple is…

At a fancy dress party?


The lines are now closed, your votes have been counted and verified, and we can now reveal that The Spoiler’s number one glamourous football couple is……………………


Although, yes, you may have already guessed that particular surprise from the massive picture above.

Anyway, it’s great news. Steven and Alex Gerrard beat off stiff competition from Theo Walcott and his concubine, Princess Frank and Princess Bleakley, the classy Coles, and the reformed racist, Danielle “No Longer Full of Hate” Lloyd and her baby daddy, Jamie O’Hara.

It was a close call, with the Gerrards scraping through with 32.6 per cent of the votes – most of them presumably coming from people who would have voted for fellow scouse lovelies Coleen or Clancy, had they not been disqualified for allowing their husband/boyfriend’s to get away with shagging prozzies while they were pregs.

So, all hail the rightful successors to the Beckhams. Him with amazing stay-the-same-throughout-the-ages hair, her with a classy business savvy that has provided both perfume AND now a slinky new fashion range for classy young Liverpudlian girls to wear when they’re out clubbing/on the game.

Here is a delightful gallery of football’s finest (feel free to kneel and bow your head):

They’re classy!


She’s sexy!

Alex Gerrard

She’s a rich businesswoman!

Alex Curran perfume


Stevie and Alex

They share jewellery?

Steven and Alex

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