Titus Bramble and brother arrested after rape allegation

Don’t let perspective fool you, the ball is many metres behind him


Sunderland’s Titus Bramble, the lovable lummox who once crashed his car into a old couple’s front garden and yet was still described as a ‘nice boy with a lovely name’, has been arrested on suspicion of rape.

Both Bramble and his brother Tesfaye, who currently plays for Felixstowe & Walton in the Easton Counties League, are being questioned after a woman in her 20s called the police regarding an incident at the Vermont Hotel in Newcastle.

Sunderland have declined to comment.

It’s hard to imagine Titus attacking anyone in a hotel room without it turning into a slapstick sketch involving him tripping over footstools, stubbing toes on dressers and getting trapped inside a duvet cover.

The Spoiler hopes this won’t be one more metaphorical poster coming down off the wall.

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