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Hip new WAG-related language revealed in newspaper

Some would be WAGs from the 1800s…

Glamourous ladies

Of course, there are few things more cringe-worthy than a bunch of crusty old squares telling you how the kids speak these days – with their far out ecstacy parties etc… – but that hasn’t stopped the throbbing brains at The Sun from including a glossary of undercover WAG talk with this article about a former “WAGABEE”.

Find out how these terrifying women talk after the jump…

WAGABEE: A wannabe WAG

WAGLETTE: Wannabe WAGs who are under-18

SLAG WAG: Notorious girls who sleep with numerous footballers

HAG WAG: Girls over-25 who chase footballers

WAG TAG: Receiving a text from a promoter who invites girls to sit on a table at a club footballers will visit

SLAGGING IT: Girls who perform dances showing off their lack of underwear in front of footballers

BAGGING IT: Being chosen by a player to sit at main table

WAG BLAG: Trying to get on to a better table or into a club when not on the list

So now you know. Welcome to the OC, bitch!

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