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Nicklas Bendtner and his woman get all macho about it

Between them, they are wearing one whole outfit

Nicklas Bendtner Elle

A few interesting facts about Denmark: a lunchtime favourite is liver pate on rye bread, topped with corned beef, a slice of “meat”, some raw onions and a sprinkle of cress. Same sex marriage was legalised in 1989. And Nicklas Bendtner and Caroline Luel-Brockdorff are officially the national “Posh and Becks”.

The handsome pair – him a footballer, her a posh princess or something - are the latest cover stars of the feminist baiting glossy monthly magazine Elle, in which they promise to lift the lid of their innermost feelings for one another.

Of course, everyone went ballistic when they first got together – she’s 13 years older than him, for crying out loud! But, those people might be interested to know that Danish women have a longer life expectancy than men by about five years - so, really, the gap’s only about eight years.

Doesn’t feel so dirty now, does it?

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