Gerard Pique denies claiming Liverpool are ‘embarrassing’ Fernando Torres

Quotes run in Sunday Sport were apparently made up


Were you browsing any other sites apart from this yesterday (traitor), you might have come across awfully dodgy story run in the Sunday Star, which appeared to have exclusive quotes from Barcelona’s Gerard Pique on how ‘embarrassing’ it was for Fernando Torres to be playing Europa League football.

The quotes were quite obviously made up (not least because no-one calls Torres ‘Nando’ apart from Liverpool fans, the British media and ‘The Internet’) and yesterday Pique denied ever even having the conversation.

James Goyder over at the Bleacher Report has compiled a list of similarly suspect Star reports written by journalist Ben Fairthorne, including Iker Casillas cheerleading for Joe Hart, Lionel Messi wading in on the Mascherano transfer saga and Mesut Ozil pledging allegiance to Man Utd.

Each story is conspicuous by the fact that a) the quotes go on forever, and b) they’re all so candid – two traits not particularly common to the modern footballer (see today’s Kenwyne Jones interview in the Mail, in which the striker spends most of the conversation alternating between surfing the internet and playing with his phone.)

After some internet snooping from Goyder and the Twitter mob, Fairthorne’s name disappeared from the Star’s pages last week, only to be replaced by a ‘David Hyde’, who, rather handily, appears to be getting exactly the same style of scoops; including the Pique story.

Fabricating quotes is obviously not a new phenomenon, but in the Internet-age, where readers can play detective from the comfort of their sofas, it’s surprising national newspapers are still trying to get away with it.

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  • Sophie Stepover // September 28, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    I hate it when newspapers like the Daily Mail get a bunch of photos and concoct a story to go around them by mixing gossip, previous “reports” and obvious info from the photos themselves. Of course, the standard fabricated quote from “friends” and “insiders” are inserted where needed for flow and “factuality”. LOL

  • Mish // September 29, 2010 at 1:41 am

    This story is all about Ben Fairthorne, a so-called journo who was writing for the Daily Star.

    He’s ‘broken’ a number of stories based around big-name European players, most of which don’t even speak English.

    Pique’s denied this. As have all the other players he’s written about.

    He’s also been sacked.

    You work it out.

    Fairthorne’s a lying cunt. Simple as.

  • A Casual Observer // September 29, 2010 at 10:57 am

    If anyone would like to chat 1-1 with Ben Fairthorne he is a very regular poster on the major Arsenal facebook pages:

    I personally have always thought of him as a ‘bit of a shit’ but on this group he is held in high regard as a serious journo (he constantly brags about it and pulls the big “I AM” whenever someone disagrees with him).

    Pleas feel free to join up and ruin the cunt.

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