Ajax’s Oleguer caught on camera taking part in Amsterdam mini-riot

Former Barca man joins pro-squatting march


Scruffy intellectual Ajax defender Oleguer has caused a stir in the Netherlands after being caught on camera lending his support to an anti-capitalist rally which marched through Amsterdam on Friday, in protest at new laws banning squatting.

Dutch riot police let off tear gas as several hundred protesters threw bricks and smashed up cars on their way through the city. 11 protesters were arrested and two officers taken to hospital.

However, Ajax don’t seem to be particularly bothered about Oleguer’s out-of-work activities, releasing the shoulder-shrugging statement:

We know he was present…players of Ajax can do whatever they want in their free time.

The Ex-Barcelona defender has a reputation for getting himself in trouble with his political campaigning, having previously been arrested in relation to a protest in 2003 and once holding the book launch for the release of his memoirs, Road to Ithaca, in a Barcelona squat.


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  • Dan // October 5, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    lol what’s up with the look on that woman’s face!

  • gigi // October 5, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    Wow,….one of the rare athletes to actually join manifestations. Congrats, he could just do like all the rest and sign a check/take a picture and say he did his part.

    Intellectual pursuits like reading (or …gasp… studying)
    are looked poorly in professional circles in a way that even coming out of the closet wouldnt elicit.

    That said, this is Holland, where people arent as uptight and hypocritical about drugs and sex, where you can staple your balls to your thigh on live TV.
    having an athlete voice his opinion (im not talking joining the mindless chorus of pro-war which sports love to glamorize) is about par for the course in that country.

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