Russia’s WC2018 bid leader Alexei Sorokin is bitching about England again

Saucer of milk with that?


The claws are out in the race to host World Cup 2018, with Russia’s representative Alexei Sorokin deciding to have another catty pop at England’s credentials to host the tournament.

Speaking to Russian paper Sport Express, possibly while getting a pedicure and thumbing through the latest issue of Heat magazine, Sorokin wondered why FIFA would want to turn over their pride and joy to a nation of pissed up robbers:

It’s no secret, for example, that London has the highest crime rate compared with the other major European cities, and also the highest level of alcohol consumption among young people.

But why should we poke our nose into that when everybody knows the truth?

…while also questioning the country’s response to racist abuse directed at ‘irrelevant’ striker Peter Odemwingie:

The British press are going on about this to distract attention from their own problems.

On the same day the Odemwingie banana banners were flown at Lokomotiv Moscow, English fans in Manchester were burning an American flag.

We knew about this but did not focus on it, although it could start a conversation about the lack of tolerance and inciting ethnic hatred by English fans.

The [banana] banner was not a racist. It was directed against a particular irrelevant football player.

Sorokin’s also had an explanation for why Odemwingie might have spoken out about the banner. Apparently he’s a bit lonely and needed the attention:

Maybe he simply wants to become more popular. In any case, I am sorry that this is happening.

Before hilariously signing off from the interview with:

We do not behave like an old lady aunt alone in her kitchen, being nasty about the neighbours.

No, of course not Alexei.

It’s not the first time the obviously mental Russian has courted controversy. In May he responded to bid rival Lord Coe’s assertion Three Lions’ fans were the best supporters by saying:

I know Lord Coe well. He is a most decent person. But I do not understand what ‘the best supporters’ mean. Maybe he meant that English football fans are the utmost hooligans. If that’s so, I am ready to agree and hand over supremacy to them.

Wherever the English fans travel they create huge problems for the hosts. In this sense they are indeed ‘the best’.

Ooh, we see what you did there. Witty.

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  • Serge // October 19, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    You must be joking, this entire article is a work of thirteen year old angry teenager. It does not help the Englands reputation. It’s image it’s already shaken by it’s actions. This website present the entire country in a negative way.

  • Serge // October 19, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    Sorokin is was not “bitching” on contrary he was stating facts, after everyone grew tired of hearing over exaggerated complaints of English media. The title of this article is an embarrassment for entire UK, it is logically stupid and morrally incorrect.
    I had much higher expectations of English men, than to lose their face like this.

  • Rafa B // October 20, 2010 at 10:22 am

    I state facts… all that he states is a steaming pile of hot s**t

  • Lets have a few words shall we? // October 20, 2010 at 10:48 am

    @ Serge

    There a saying we have in England. ‘Pot calling the kettle black’.

    It basically means Russia should sort its own problems out before having a go at pointing out our own. Sure we like a drink over in England, but i’m damn sure you Russians do to.

    Anyway, as stereotypes go, I’ll stay off the beer if you stay off the vodka.

    Also, this myth about English hooligans is getting old. Even Sepp Blatter himself (gasp) stated that in the English game we have shown the world how to deal with such elements and are an example to you all, and if anything recent events have proved that the ‘home’ of football hooliganism has certainly moved to Eastern Europe.

    I have to give Sorokin the benefit of the doubt that his true meanings may have got tangled in the translation, but his words smack of a political smear campaign, and his opinion should probably be dismissed as, (to use one of his own words), ‘irrelevant’.

    On a more personal note i’m wondering how this ‘just for fun’ blog entry ” does not help Englands reputation” and how it is “an embarrassment for the entire UK”.
    Also, the quite funny claim that this article is “logically stupid” made me laugh. Isnt that the whole point of articles on a website such as this, i do hope you hadnt mistaken this website for a place that takes itself seriously?

    Personally I think that England are going to win this World Cup bid, (call it English optimism if you will). I’m sure Russia will win the rights to host the Cup soon enough though, and i may even visit your country when the time comes.

    Less rage, more funny

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