Is Ashley Young trying to ‘do a Rooney’ over new contract?

Revisionist historian puts negotiations on ice


Ashley Young has called a very public halt to contract talks at Aston Villa, claiming he will instead review the situation at the end of the season.

The 25-year-old shelved plans for a new four year deal, telling The Sun last night:

I’ve told the people at Villa that I won’t be signing a new contract at the moment.I know they want to get it done now but my current deal still has a year to run after this season and I feel there is plenty of time to talk next summer.

However, the winger claims he is still perfectly happy at Villa Park and only wants to postpone talks to ‘avoid distraction’ (because eliciting days of media speculation is, of course, the best way to do that.):

I want to stress that I have no problem with Aston Villa. I love the fans and I’m very much enjoying my football.

I want to concentrate on what’s happening on the field and don’t want to get distracted.

It’s a big season for me and I’m hopeful there are good times ahead under the new manager.

Is Ashley trying to wangle some extra coin… or does he really have one eye on the door?

*hides from the Ashley Young Defence League*

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  • Fat Nakago // October 23, 2010 at 4:57 am

    Actually, it seems like a sensible way to do it. And yes, a sensible way to spin it. It’s very much a like the way a few American football and baseball players do it. No need to sign right away…let the dirty deeds get done quietly in the background and get on with the sporting matters at hand. It’s a more respectable way of doing things….as opposed to this past week of petulant childish Rooney-esque/Brett Favre-esques turmoil and mayhem.

    Thinking about it, it seems a bit odd compared to NFL football contract negotiations here the in the states. In the NFL, it’s usually the player that wants the contract extension mid-season and the team that wants to drag it’s feet. Major League Baseball is sort of a hybrid of both…but…

    Ashley Young DOES realize he’s Ashley Young, yes? Surely he doesn’t think there’s a £180,000/week payday waiting on HIS arse, does he?

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