Sensitive Neymar flounces off in disgust as Santos give Ze Eduardo birthday beats

Oh, the humanity!

Birthday beats‘, the annual rites of passage hazing, has steadily evolved over the years. Originally beginning as a good-natured ‘pinch, punch, first of the month’-style joshing, decades of testosterone-fueled schoolkids have added new dimensions to the ritual, and today it stands as a 8-hour gang-stomping, tie-peanuting physical and mental assault.

Jinking Santos forward Neymar obviously never experienced such hardship growing up as a lad in Sao Paulo, because he ever so slightly overreacted to his Santos teammates giving 23-year-old forward Ze Eduardo a birthday slap last Friday.

As a close-to-tears Ze Eduardo was tied up and given the old flour n’ eggs treatment (above) horrified Neymar rushed to his aid, gently dabbing his face with a towel and being all mumsy about the situation (below), before launching into a tear-up with chief agitator Marcel.

The pair were quickly separated and 18-year-old Neymar was left to flounce back to the changing rooms in disgust and mull over what might await him on his birthday in February.

Perhaps it’s a good thing his Chelsea transfer fell through – Neymar clearly isn’t ready for the ‘shit in your shoes‘ hijinks of English football just yet.

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  • big deal // November 1, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    I don’t see the big deal, he’s trying to help the guy out and they kick the ball at him; I’d be pissed too. I’ve played sports and I can tell you nobody has ever done anything like that to me, nor would I let them. Sometimes things can go to far, so I think Neymar showed some character by sticking up for his teammate and not simply following the pack.

  • Really? // November 2, 2010 at 11:54 am

    They are all idiots

  • Peter // January 26, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    At Richerd Gilzene (Author of the article above)

    What’s wrong with you? You’re critizising Neymar just because he got the balls to stand up against marcel! If you got beaten up like ze eduardo at 0:10 in the video, you would burst out in tears immediately!
    If i’ll ever meet you, we can test it!!

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