Kevin Davies agrees to turn on Christmas lights in return for having bins emptied

…that’s not a euphemism


Bolton striker Kevin Davies has struck a deal with the local council to turn on the town’s Christmas lights… but only if they clean up his manky bins.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of discarded pie boxes, binmen only collected half of Super Kev’s rubbish on Wednesday, forcing England’s newest debutant to quickly log-on to Twitter to broker a deal to get the rest taken away:

Anyone at Bolton council, let’s do a deal, Xmas light turn-on for garbage collection!?

Starstruck council officials were more than happy to work something out, a spokeswoman confirming to Mirror Football Davies’ bin had been emptied but extra bags not taken away. She added:

We will send somebody round to talk about recycling, and he is happy about that.

After HOURS of FURIOUS negotiation a deal was struck and a satisfied Kevin emerged from talks concluding:

Thanks everyone at Bolton council and the bin men for sorting the issue out and see you at the light turn-on!

The End.

More glamorous tales from the lives of professional footballers next week.

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