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  • Darren // November 11, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Other publications are talking about giving Barton a 3-match ban. I was just wondering what the point of that is? It’s barely even a punishment.

    If this had happened on the street, with a couple of million witnesses, Barton would have (add to?) a criminal record. This wasn’t an over-zealous tackle, it’s just an assault, and a seemingly unprovoked one at that.

    Was it Glen Cockerill who got a 12-match ban for punching Arsenal’s Paul Davis? He should get something like that, in fact probably more seeing as it’s not like it’s his first offence.

  • Fat Nakago // November 12, 2010 at 6:15 am

    Are y’all facking kidding me?? Joey Barton gets a punishment for THAT little love tap??

    Not that he shouldn’t have pulled that punch, but…come on man, THAT was hardly worth the effort. Pedersen should get some kind of Academy Award for the FLOP there. ((Watch the video a few more times than you already have and you’ll realize that Pedersen pretty much flopped for effect, since that’s what soccer boys do trying to sell the call))

    If that had happened on the street, Pedersen would have laughed at and been humiliated for being a sissy-girl, or a nancy-boy. Or both,

    This love tap was nothing to write home to mum about.

    Give Joey a fine and/or a suspension for 3 and let it go at that. To make a Joey back into a criminal for this is facetious. I’ve seen much worse in the NFL in the States. My local hero, NIck Collins of the4 Green Bay Packers was fined $50,ooo (( that’s £32,000 for those of you in Newcastle, Manchester, or Sunderland who are keeping score at home)) for a helmet to helmet hit on Dallas Cowboys wide-recieve Roy Williams…a hit that was actually far more egregious than this little Barton vs. Pedersen thrilla.

    Much about about nothing. But it’s Joey Barton, so……*flail*

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