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Turks eye up Berbs, and der Kaiser says something weird

The obligatory unrelated royal photograph


Of course, like everyone else, The Spoiler has spent the last couple of days weeping happy tears because Prince William isn’t going to be a lonely king. On the contrary, he’ll have the beautiful seductress Queen Kate by his side holding a serpeant, sensually whispering snide intructions into his ear as to who should be executed/poisoned next.

Those royals!

Here’s what else we know about the world, thanks to the likes of proletariat newspapers like The Sun and the ooh-ah Daily Star, royalist ones like The Daily Mail, and from the hardcore Communists who sit in intense huddles at The Guardian

The gentlemen at Fenerbahce have reportedly turned their pockets inside out to put together a pile of coins worthy of snaffling Dimitar Berbatov from his current home in beautiful Manchester.

At current count, they have around 15million Euros piled high in a shed.

Nostalgic Aston Villa honcho Gerard Houllier has decided to fashion a small area of the club devoted to the wonderful Latin Quarter in Paris, by signing Karim Benzema on loan, alongside exceedingly stylish Frenchmen Djibril Cisse and Robert Pires.

Robert, you might remember, opts for a tiny “micro beard”.

And Franz Beckenbauer – former Emperor (Der Kaiser) of Germany – has caused strong lager foam to spurt from mouths all over Munich by suggesting that Nicklas Bendtner would be the perfect player for Bayern.

And in two/three word news:

David Luiz, Chelsea.

Adebayor, Juve.

That is all.

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  • tim tim // November 17, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Gerrard Houllier has taken me back in a time machine to 2004, McCallister, Pires, Heskey, and potentially Owen, and Cisse??? Why not go full on and bring back henchoz, baros and hamman! Hell, while we’re at it, start selling the N64 and the nokia 3310!

  • Darren // November 17, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    I’m not sure that it’s a bad policy, tim tim; as the performance against United showed, some of the Villa kids look to be really outstanding prospects.

    What harm would it do for Allbrighton and Bannan to have six months alongside Bobby Pires? Or Delfounso spending some time learning from Michael Owen?

    And let’s not forget that users were able to make telephone calls using the Nokia 3310 – something iPhone 4 users haven’t always been able to do …

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