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Mrs Steven Gerrard is a strong, independent woman

Ooh yeah, that’s boss, that

Alex Gerrard

Who’d have thought that when Steven Gerrard first started courting a plucky young blonde thing from Liverpool that she’d turn out not just to be a kind face with a wonderful pair of breasts, but also a supremely talented journalist, a skilled perfumier, a beautiful model, and now an edgy fashion designer?

You want to talk about multi-skilled? This woman, Alex Gerrard, is multi-skilled.

Just yesterday, she decided to unveil her latest fashion range in Selfridges - choosing to do so in the Trafford Centre in Manchester. Presumably this was some kind of archly ironic bid to be mega-edgy.

Or because the Anfield Centre in Liverpool wasn’t ready to stretch beyond designer tracksuits and Reeboks.

Either way, those looking to impress their girlfriends this Christmas will be interested to note that the Autumn/Winter range is split into two thrilling parts to represent the Janus-faced nature of what it’s like being Alex Gerrard – you’ve got Alex Glam (sexy animal print outfits with easy access) and Alex Rock (military gear with skulls and easy access).

Talking about her glitzy new career in the cut throat fashion world, Alex said this:

“When I was putting the collection together I sat down with the design team at the very beginning and chose fabrics, key shapes and trends.”

“The team were brilliant to work with and allowed me to be as creative as I wanted.”

Hmm, a “design team” huh?

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  • Sophie Stepover // November 19, 2010 at 12:24 pm


    Excellent piece of prose Mr. JoshBurt.

    I wonder if anybody actually believes Ms. Gerrard has any talents other than being a prolific shopper and vacationer?

  • Dazinho // November 20, 2010 at 10:23 am

    FFS, will someone please give her a colouring book and some sticklebricks so she can play quietly in the corner and not bother the rest of us?

  • mukasa David // November 23, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    ido vote Alex Gerrald as the best woman on earth,best mother compare to what had just happened between Rooney and his newly married young lady.Alex and Gerrald you are great couples ,thanx

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