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Is Carlo Ancelotti now the male equivalent of a broken woman?

Ancelotti – you go girl!

Carlo Ancelotti 

Were you to look up the Italian translation of the word “doormat” online, the big surprise is that it isn’t “ancelotti”, but instead the rather poetic sounding “zerbino”.

All of which leads totally seamlessly to the Italian’s torrid fortnight at Chelsea, which has found him coming to resemble one of those tragic women who bounce from one abusive relationship (Berlusconi) to the next (Abramovich), confusing power-crazed mental cruelty for “love”. Like the human equivalent of a beautiful zerbino positioned just inside the front door.

First Abramovich ordered Wilkins’ head on a silver platter without asking Ancelotti, then little-known Michael Emenalo has been appointed as the new first team coach without any say so from the manager, now they’ve lost three from four games. 

Word has it that the Italian has been tearfully sending secret text messages to the League Managers Association about his future, and rumours have even been flying around suggesting that he has finally reclaimed his hot inner woman by slipping into some sexy leather trousers, undertaking a slutty Olivia Newton John in Grease makeover, and tendering his resignation. Although, everyone has been denying it.

He grumbled these words on Saturday, after the dreadful Birmingham match:

“You have to compare me with (Sir Alex) Ferguson. Ferguson has total control of the team. I am just technical direction. Full stop.”

Is it time for Ancelotti to kick Abramovich to the curb? Let us know your thoughts with a comment….

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  • Sophie Stepover // November 22, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    It’s obvious that Romeo Abby got his trophies last season and is content with that. He’d rather spend his money on nightclubs instead of team wages and managers.

    It can only go down from here Carlo. Take your eyebrow, your Gloria Gaynor CDs and bid him adieu with lipstick on the mirror.

    (If you need support, talk to Cheryl Cole and Jose Mourinho.)

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