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Ryan Babel attacks Benitez via the medium of Twitter

Ahhh, great times

Babel and Benitez

Some of you mightn’t have had the pleasure yet, but if you get a chance, you must visit Ryan Babel’s Twitter page. If only for an insight into what kind of messages bored millionaires deem important to preach to their followers.

Recent examples include: “Watching Inter vs Twente”.

Presumably on a big screen from a Scarface jacuzzi.

And yet, in the same way that if you stand in one spot for long enough glory will eventually come to you, once in a very rare while Babel will actually say something insightful.

He twatted these words about Rafa Benitez, and now everyone is up in arms:

“I wasn’t allowed to train extra under our former manager. Even when I wasn’t involved.”

“I begged lots of times but it was simply not allowed. And during the season you don’t train very hard cause you have lots games, so most sessions we had were without sweating.”

Shortly afterwards he said this: “Dont send me messages on ps3 i dont answer them ..”

Back on form. 

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  • mintox // November 25, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Rather than sensationalising that quote why don’t you publish the rest of what he said, including:

    “You are foolish if you think I’m attacking somebody, just telling you how it was.”

    “You can write a story as long as you don’t change my words. The thing to be a good journalist is to put it right and not make it sound different or ‘worser’”

    He made it very clear that he was just pointing out what Benitez did rather than having a swipe at him.

  • Mr. Chopper // November 25, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    And it all started because people were telling him to get to training, which wasn’t even on. “Well maybe you should have double training” came the response. Et Voila.

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