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Make money on the World Cup bid – everyone’s at it!

“I’d like to thank the merciful and handsome King Blatter for having me…”

David Beckham

It’s never nice to feel left out, and with rumours of pieces of silver being thrown around left and right, it’s surely high time to get in on the action, and make some money of your own from the ongoing English pleas for the World Cup 2018.

England are going all out for this one, with the actual Prime Minister treating a meeting with Fifa as if it were NATO, and David Beckham going so far as to call the man Sepp “President Blatter”.

The Spoiler would probably tell Fifa to sod off with their World Cup, but that’s by the by. All this crawling in Zurich could be just the ticket, making England’s odds of 15/8 to land the competition really quite tempting.

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