Fabregas and Pique rib Carlos Puyol over being a bit trampy

Barca captain serves up his favourite dish in reply


Spain and Barcelona stars Gerard Pique and Carlos Puyol have both recently joined Cesc Fabregas and the rest of the footballing world by opening themselves shiny new Twitter accounts.

Being footballers, they’ve mostly used their accounts to fire ‘top banter’ back and forth between each other, with Puyol especially proving himself to be Cataluyna’s answer to Robbie Savage by using plates full of manky old bones as comedy props.

Recently discussion presumably got on to who amongst the trio has the most well stocked kitchen, with Pique revealing Puyol’s fridge is “as bare as a monkey’s arse.” Fabregas agreed, saying “last time I stayed at his house there was nothing in the fridge. Or any furniture.”

In response Captain Caveman posted pictures of the bones of some wild animal he’d probably just killed with his bare hands and eaten raw, alerting his teammates “Pique – dinner’s ready, hurry up or it’ll go cold – this is Cesc’s dinner, but if it doesn’t come and get it, I’ll give it to the dog.”

Continental football banter is weird.


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