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Carroll linked with a move to Spurs, and more…

Good buy?

Andy Carroll

No real surprise last night that Stella walked it in The Apprentice – Sugar doesn’t like posh and he can’t stand bullshit, so she pretty much had it in the bag when it transpired that she’d been raised by foxes in a tin house. Estate kids, this woman is your Virgin Mary.

In other exciting news, here’s what we know about football transfers thanks to the likes of the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Guardian, and a whole host of other papers that Sugar probably thinks are full of it…

Never one to grow roots despite being the size of a tree, Peter Crouch would be unwise to finish his unpacking at Spurs, with a growing whisper suggesting that he could be spending an Arctic Winter in Newcastle. He’s rumoured to be part of a £20million deal to take Andy Carroll to the clubbing capital of England. They could live to regret that one.

Other players from the north rumoured to be having their nails done to fit in surrounded by London’s metrosexuals include: Adebayor, linked with West Ham, and Joleon Lescott, who has been linked with a ridiculous move to Arsenal.

And, in a transfer that will surely have come at least four years late, old man Ronaldinho – roughly half a decade past his peak – has been linked with Man City.  

Like a child repeatedly licking a battery then screaming and doing it again, did they learn nothing from the last time they signed a R…inho?

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