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The Big Spoiler Xmas Quiz

Ha! That’s ridiculous!

Crimbo Quiz 

In between reluctant mouthfuls of revolting sprouts and enormous quantities of sweet sherry, why not kill some time with a BONKERS FUN SPOILER QUIZ! Questions after the jump…

Have a great Christmas all. The Spoiler shall be back on December 29th. 


  • 1. Four players have scored hat-tricks for three different Premier League clubs – name them…
  • 2. Who was the first non-British manager to win the FA Cup?
  • 3. Which player has played in a Manchester derby, Merseyside derby, North East derby and North London derby?
  • 4. Which pundit was sacked after giving his world cup tickets to a bunch of scantily clad, beer swigging Dutch women?
  • 5. Who was sacked as Leicester City boss in October after less than three months in charge?
  • 6. Who was the first Premier League manager to be sacked this season?
  • 7. Who was forced to resign as leader of England’s flawless 2018 bid after being stung by the Mail on Sunday?
  • 8. What nationality was the referee who didn’t give Frank Lampard’s goal against Germany that definitely would have lead to England winning?
  • 9. How many goals were scored in FA Cup finals at the Millennium stadium? (90 minutes only)
  • 10. Who is the only player to have scored in a Manchester, Merseyside and Glasgow Derby?
  • 11. Name five teams beginning with C that have won the FA Cup.
  • 12. Which is the only English football league ground to have a pub on every corner?
  • 13. Name the Premier League manager credited with the fastest goal in an FA Cup final and after how many seconds was it scored?
  • 14. Who is the ex-Barcelona player who has appeared on Top of the Pops twice on the same night?
  • 15. Who is the footballer once brought on in an international to replace his dad?
  • 16. Which club held the National Football Museum before it transferred to Manchester this year?
  • 17. Arsenal have played under four different names, name the other three.
  • 18. Who was the only English-born player in Liverpool’s 1986 FA Cup winning team?
  • 19. Of which country are Bate Borisov the reigning league champions?
  • 20. Who are currently top of the Bundesliga?
  • 21. Who is currently the top scorer in League One this season?
  • 22. Who were the only League Two team to reach the third round of this season’s Carling Cup?
  • 23. In which season were West Ham, West Brom and Sunderland relegated from the Premier League?
  • 24. How many goals did Barcelona scored in their first 16 league games this season?

Match the football-star-turned-pop-star to the song:

  • 25. “Outstanding”
  • 26. “Head over Heels in Love”
  • 27. “Do the Right Thing”

Back to normal questions…

  • 28. Which footballer rates “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” as his favourite book?
  • 29. Which team features in the documentary “Once in a Lifetime”?
  • 30. Which famous footballer starred alongside Robert Duvall in “A Shot at Glory”?

Click here for the answers

Still bored? Here’s a link from Betfair Football about footballers going wild at Christmas time.

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