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The Aston Villa revolving door starts its spinning

Victoria’s Secret – that’s the stuff!

Victoria’s Secret

Fans of ladies in underpants, here’s an update: Cristiano Ronaldo’s hot girlfriend, Irina Shayk, has been busily polishing turds by slipping on La Senza lingerie in the modeling equivalent of wrapping up diamonds in bits of old newspaper. You might be interested to note that this damning verdict on perfectly decent seeming underwear comes via a thirty second straw poll of local women who just don’t rate the stuff. They much prefer Victoria’s Secret. Or Agent Provocateur. Either way, have a butchers at the saucy pictures here.

Here’s what else we know about sexy football news, thanks to the likes of The Mail, The Sun, The Mirror and the rest…

The robed men from Manchester are reportedly returning to the roulette table to have a spin on another preposterously overpriced defender. This time, the word on the street is that they will be putting all of their money on WHITE. More specifically, Real Madrid white. Even more specifically, on Pepe of Real Madrid. And now minus the ridiculous gambling metaphor: they’re going to try to buy Pepe in January.

In further news of Read Madrid players past or present, Lassana Diarra is rumoured to be continuing his tour of the upper rungs of the Premier League, with Man United tipped to put pressure on the resurgent Anderson with a bid for the former Chelsea and Arsenal midfielder. Plus Michael Owen is looking to revive his career at Villa or West Ham.

The former would, of course, find him playing Torvill to his former Dean, Emile Heskey.

Flying through the other side of the spinning door at Villa should be Dunne and Ireland, who have both been included in a sentence about who might join Celtic in January. Now for the second time in one day. Should another website report this news in one sentence, and it’ll be a done deal based on the rule that if you say things three times, they actually happen.

And in two word news:

Babel, Spurs.

Samba, Fulham.

That is all.

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