Yes! It’s the brainiest football quotes of the year!

Including wisdom from Mr Brainiac here

Alan Shearer

As expected, it’s been another year rich in football insights from the people who know it best – the pundits, the players, the managers… Alan Shearer.

After the jump, prepare to have your minds blown with some moving tributes to the beautiful game… and please feel free to add your own favourites in the comments section.

“Today we played to our capabilities. That’s what this team is capable of.”

Phil Neville

“He’s what I call a good football player.”

Paul Merson on Landon Donovan

“It seems like every foul is a free kick.”

Mark Bright

“Lambert has scored 60 per cent of all of Southampton’s goals, but I wonder how many of the other 60 per cent he has set up.”

Daniel Mann

“Roberto Mancini’s got that Italian style… the old joie de vivre.”

Perry Groves

“That one would have been a goal if it had gone in.”

Dion Dublin

“Seven wins out of eight, you can’t do any more than that.”

Harry Redknapp

“If you expose the opposition’s weaknesses enough, in the end those weaknesses will be exposed.”

Sam Allardyce

“Nothing’s black and white in our country – you’re either brilliant or you’re hopeless.”

Alan Shearer

“If Newcastle go a goal up I can see them winning it, if Liverpool go a goal up I can see them winning it.”

Andy Cole

“As they say – a bird in the hand is worth one in the bush.”

Micky Quinn

“Don’t put too much pressure on the kid, in years to come I think he will be  an Arsenal great like Liam Brady.”

Paul Merson on Jack Wilshere

“Pele did say an African team would win the World Cup before 2000 – I think it’s going to be longer.”

Alan Shearer

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