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Debate time: Where did it all go wrong for Liverpool?

No Roy, there shan’t be a statue


Like an old lush dining out on the same pub anecdote for years and years until what was once a thrilling tale has become a rather sorry lament, Liverpool’s glory years are fast becoming a depressing footnote for a club in rapid decline.

But what is to blame for this? Years of absolutely shocking signings masked by the few that they got right? Was it those white suits worn before the FA Cup final in the mid-1990s?

Graeme Souness?

And more importantly, is Roy Hodgson really that bad? Or has he just been unfortunate enough to have inherited a broken club destined for mid-table drudgery?

Liverpool fans (and everyone else), let us know your thoughts. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

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  • Jeffrey // December 31, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    I don’t believe it’s one thing but a culmination of everything.

    As far as Roy is concerned he seems to have lost all control over the squad and the tactics.

    I have been and will always be completely behind the club but the players need to look at themselves. I am not sure what is going on at Melwood but lately it doesn’t seem like they are taking there football seriously.

    Once the the club finds their inspiration I believe they will be fighting in the top four soon enough.

  • Josie // December 31, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    I’m with Jeffrey. I think it is a combination of several issues:

    1) Benitez left the team in shambolic shape (too many mediocre players)
    2) The American management’s lack of respect or understanding of the English football club tradition and the running down of funds.
    3) Roy is not a top flight club manager. He is good for top 5 to top 10 clubs, but not the mega sized clubs. I don’t think he has the skills for it.

    I think if Roy was a good for a large club, he would have been at a large club earlier than his 60 plus years. All the great managers are with large franchises by the time they are in their 50′s. Excellent ones acquire them in their 40s.

  • loserkid // December 31, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    Benitez left the team in shambolic shape ??? oh come on… with the same team we finished 8th (and performance much better than we are now) and this same team (minus mascherano) we are further behind…

    Bolton and blackpool spent much less than us last summer but still they are ahead of us…

    our downfall are due to bad tactic/manager and players that just refuse to play football not because of money… Man City have more money and they are not at the top of the league… I refuse to believe torres suddenly become a bad striker because of his injury… how long do you want to use this excuse… he is simply disinterested…

  • Lloyd // January 1, 2011 at 1:34 am

    Hodgson has hardly set the world alight, but he was put in a no-win situation. He had no money at all to spend except for what was made available by the sale of Mascherano, which he used (rightly) to buy Raul Meireles, who’s been solid. Most of the excess wage budget had probably already been used by the signings of Joe Cole and Jovanovic, which happened before Hodgson came in. This means that there was no money to address Liverpool’s gaping weaknesses–wingers, and cover at striker.

    Torres has been awful, but that was already happening before Roy came in (not that the lack of service he is getting is making it any better, mind you). Gerrard, Kuyt, and Carragher also got injured, and there was the ownership situation hanging over everyone like an albatross.

    I do think that the tactics Roy has been using have been really poor. For instance, why would you ever use long ball against a Newcastle defence including Sol “turning radius of a tugboat” Campbell? The only thing he can do nowadays is win balls in the air, yet we played to his one remaining strength. However, I look at the bench to see who we could bring on to change the game, and I realize that there is no one on our bench that can change a game. That’s not Roy’s fault. Most of our problems come down to lack of quality, and there’s only so much he can do about that before the next transfer window. He should at least last till the next window, where he gets to show what he can really do (or at least Comolli can show what he can do). No use sacking him now.

  • ashley // January 1, 2011 at 7:25 am

    The day Kenny Dalglish resigned as manager, from then onwards they never really got anyone good for the team. they also probaly have the worst talent scouts at liverpool right now all their buys have never outshined their home grown talent. best they can do now is to get a young maneger and try and develop young players instead of buying rejects from other clubs and Alberto Aqulina back to play just infront of the back four. sell Torres he is not Liverpool blood he is just sticking it out for his high salary, he doesnt love the club. he is really digusting.

  • Josie // January 1, 2011 at 9:56 pm


    With all due respect, I don’t think Benitez was all that good of a manager. He certainly was not interested in nurturing new or young talent, and his constant rotation of players never made any sense. His performance at Inter pretty much underscores my belief that he is a mid-table manager at best. Benitez lucked out with his initial success with Liverpool. Benitez also appeared to rub many players the wrong way over the years. Too much ego and not enough action in my opinion.

    He favored foreign players over english players and most of the foreign players were mediocre. Thus my view that he left the club in a bad way.

    What is shameful is that he will probably be a manager of another Premier League again. If it is a top ten team, I feel sorry for that club. Benitez personifies mediocrity.

  • Chris // January 3, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    I feel bad for Roy Hodgson. He took a damaged team and an even more damaged club financially and tried his best to hold his own. I do not think any other manager will be able to turn it around this season. NESV are clearly not interested in King Kenny, who’d be an ideal choice at least on an interim basis to finish the season and either earn the job on a permanent basis, or clear the way for someone else this summer.

    Injuries have been a big part of the team’s lack of success. The back line has been a mess all season, with nobody playing well on a consistent basis. Ngog has been one of the few bright spots (at least during the first few months when he was the only Red that could score), but the squad clearly needs another striker. Torres form will return, as will Gerrard’s scoring touch.

    Should be an interesting month in the transfer window, now that the Reds have the funds to bring in better talent.

  • elcynico // January 3, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    The fans should take a good long hard look at themselves. They like to shout how much different they are from other clubs’ fans but when it comes to the crunch, they’re exactly the same.

  • Mitch // January 3, 2011 at 11:55 pm

    I think the problem rests in that Benitez and the American owners were fighting for the last 18 months of their respective tenures and the squad morale and quality suffered… the buys haven’t been great and only meireles has really looked 100% committed to the cause. But even so, the squad has England’s best player in Gerrard and (when he’s on) the premiership’s best striker in Torres, not to mention arguably the top goalie in Pepe. Ultimately they need a coach who can light a fire under Torres and install some tactics that get the team playing more positive football, and Roy clearly isn’t that guy. Owen Coyle is a fantastic example of how to do it at Bolton with a significantly worse squad. I think King Kenny would be a great stopgap for the next 6 months to invigorate the support and the players, and if it works out well maybe he can keep the post. In the long term there are a number of guys who could come in; Coyle would be great, or maybe Klinsmann, or Van Gaal. Paolo Maldini would be a really interesting choice for the staff- their defensive tactics have looked awful this year. I’m not sold on Riikjard since his only success has been at Barca, and looks less and less impressive with every day that Pep is coaching them.

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