Transfer News

Woop woop! David Beckham’s coming home!… perhaps

After recently insisting that he’d only return to England if he was invited back by Man United, it seems that David Beckham may have just been playing a game of hardball which hasn’t quite paid off. Falling on Fergie’s deaf ears, it looks like he might just come back to the Premier League anyway.

Those [...]

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The Big Question

Vote for the worst Liverpool manager of all time

After a dreadful Christmas turd against Wolves last night, the fans are once again shouting “Kenny, Kenny, Kenny” from the stands. Begging the question: is Hodgson the worst Liverpool manager to come along in the post Shankly-Paisley-Fagan-Dalglish era?

Statistics happen to suggest that he’s the worst for fifty years, but as an infuriated Spoiler reader [...]

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Yes! It’s the brainiest football quotes of the year!

Including wisdom from Mr Brainiac here

Alan Shearer

As expected, it’s been another year rich in football insights from the people who know it best – the pundits, the players, the managers… Alan Shearer.

After the jump, prepare to have your minds blown with some moving tributes [...]

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Transfer Talk

The Aston Villa revolving door starts its spinning

Victoria’s Secret – that’s the stuff!

Victoria’s Secret

Fans of ladies in underpants, here’s an update: Cristiano Ronaldo’s hot girlfriend, Irina Shayk, has been busily polishing turds by slipping on La Senza lingerie in the modeling equivalent of wrapping up diamonds in bits of old newspaper. [...]

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Dietary News

Great news, San Carlo Italian restaurant, Balotelli’s staying!

The two things may or may not be linked, but after an important festive update regarding Mario Balotelli’s eating habits in The Sun newspaper, it seems that the grumpy three-goal Italian is set to stay put under Manchester’s romantic charcoal skies after all.

A “source” from the San Carlo Italian eaterie in Manchester – presumably [...]

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