Brain Teasers!

The Big Spoiler Xmas Quiz

Ha! That’s ridiculous!

Crimbo Quiz 

In between reluctant mouthfuls of revolting sprouts and enormous quantities of sweet sherry, why not kill some time with a BONKERS FUN SPOILER QUIZ! Questions after the jump…

Have a great Christmas all. The Spoiler shall be back on December 29th. 

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The Big Question

Come on then, who is going to win the Premier League?

Much is often made of whoever is top of the table at Christmas going on to win the thing, but anyone who has actually taken time to check the stats will well know that it doesn’t always guarantee success.

Nani thinks it’s a two-horse race between Man United and Chelsea, Wenger begs to differ, and [...]

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Holy List

10 Extremely biblical looking footballers

Jesus H Christ meets Prince Charles

Jesus and Prince Charles 

Of course, most of the nation will spend the weekend embroiled in sprouts, drinking heavily, and most definitely not sitting down to rewatch Mel Gibson’s incredibally inaccurate, and rather over the top remake of The Life of Brian.

Some [...]

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Relive some of the greatest moments of 2010…

What’s weird about this picture?

Walcott JLS

Now that you’re stuck in that strange limbo between the long-winded end of work and the extended head rush of Christmas and New Year, you’ve got time, you need to kill it.

So what better excuse needed to go through some of the greatest moments [...]

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Great Night Out

The Spoiler enjoys a wonderful night at the darts…

Phwoar! (entire arena punch fists into underside of elbows in unison)

Darts girls

The Spoiler enjoyed a wonderful evening at the darts yesterday, and came away with one overwhelming message for all Spoiler readers everywhere: you must go! It’s totally mental.

Highlights include: Steve The Muffin Man Hine throwing Ginsters [...]

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Friday Fun

Compile a team of YOUR all time favourite players

Here’s The Spoilers… now rip it apart!

The Spoiler’s Favourite Player XI 

As anyone who has grown up watching football knows, there is a huge difference between THE “greatest players ever” and YOUR “greatest players ever”.

With that in mind, The Spoiler thought that it might be [...]

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