Transfer Talk

Man City money cannon points at Fernando Torres

Fans of Kelly Brook might be dispirited to know that she’s reportedly having another crack at a relationship with the bad boy of rugger – Danny Cipriani. If it helps to read it, you probably never really had much of a chance anyway. It’s not your fault…. it’s not your fault… it’s not [...]

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Boardroom Update

Great news Blackburn, Rafa’s all yours…. perhaps

The word filtering through is that once the full force of the sexy Italian loafer has reached maximum impact on the Benitez behind, he’ll be instantly thrown into meetings at Blackburn, with view to commuting from his nearby luxury cottage to manage the team.

Rovers fans, does this float your onions? Or make you feel [...]

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So what could these mystery Fellaini pics be of?

The big news from today’s Sun is that they were about to run some embarrassing pictures of Marouane Fellaini, but were gagged at the last minute.

Bearing in mind that this is a man with permanent clown hair, who was once caught out for steamrollering a member of the Rooney family – he [...]

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Transfer Talk

The Man City transfer wish list, and a new face for 2011!

Lucky Man City – yesterday it was confirmed that, in Mario Balotelli, they have the second greatest player on the planet. Confirmation came from Balotelli himself. How kind of him to share the good news.

Here’s what else we have been taught about football this morning, thanks to all of the daily papers, from the [...]

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Balotelli wears a hat that looks like A GLOVE!

Via our pals at Dirty Tackle


Lest you ever forget that Italy is the home of cutting edge fashion, here is Mario Balotelli to blow your mind with a wonderful new hat. It’s known in the trade as “Arctic Jamiroquai”, or simply “a bloody massive glove”.

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Great Gifts

The Spoiler’s last gasp Christmas present guide…

Oh good God – really?

Sexy Santa

For those of you with the well of Christmas gift ideas running seriously dry, perhaps The Spoiler will be able to help, with a whole host of suggestions that would make everyone from your dotty nana to your princessy nephew love you [...]

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Cheeky Chap

Balotelli shows off what he learned at charm school

As spotted by our pals at Pies, Mario Balotelli has been awarded the 2010 Golden Boy award – for players younger than 21 only - for his topsy-turvy performances that cause fans to love him and dispair of him at the same time. Amazingly, he managed to tap into this exact same fluctuating emotional scale on [...]

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