Anelka and Henry still want their World Cup money, ta

Man demands payment from clowns

Anelka clowns 

The Spoiler speaks what you could call “basic basic French” at best, but with a little bit of luck, this won’t be completely lost in translation.

According to reports from our French cousins, whilst 21 members of the France World [...]

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Transfer Talk

Chelsea fancy Modric, everyone fancies a Christmas Carroll…

On a side note, word has it that Pavlyuchenko still hasn’t quite got to grips with the intricacies of the English language and might yet be ushered off to have lessons from Peter Beardsley. We made the last bit up.

Anyway, yes, here’s more transfer news courtesy of all the best and worst papers…

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Ugly Football

The Spoiler’s Worst Ever Liverpool XI

Look away, kids!

Worst Ever Liverpool Team

The latest crop of Liverpool players might yet go down as one of the worst in the club’s history, but could you see any of them honestly barging their way into the above team?

*Spoiler glances at Lucas*

A truly [...]

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Transfer talk

The Liverpool revolving door set to start spinning

The revolving door at Liverpool FC is slowly thawing out following the harsh weather conditions caused by The Spoiler’s misjudged decade-long decision to spray aerosols directly at the Ozone Layer to create better summers without considering the flipside. Sorry about that. Here’s some news about ins and outs at Anfield….

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Betting Information

Make money on Carlos Tevez sticking it to the man

Tev – loves a snood


Should everyone come to terms with the snow, tonight’s match between Man City and Everton should yet go ahead, meaning a fittingly cauldron-like reception awaits the man Tevez in light of his desperate pleas to get out of Manchester.

Fate will surely gift [...]

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The Big Question

Liverpool fans: Rafa or Roy?

As in “who would you rather have?”

Rafa and Roy 

After chucking his toys from the pram, Benitez looks set to get an Inter Milan loafer in the backside in the next couple of days, meaning he’ll probably be after work in the new year.

Liverpool fans, would you [...]

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